Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just an Update

Hey everyone,

From RedFlagDeals to random places around the world.
This is just an update to say everything is going well and the rebates sites are giving out more money than ever! The only real change is that eBay is not a cashback website anymore. They have decided to do their own type of cashback system. But, everything else works just the same!

See my post below this one to get all the information. I just wanted to let all the new people here that cashback is still strong and active!
If you have any questions, just post and i'll get back to you asap!

For those that just want to sign up; you can do so here; Thank you!!
>>> Mr. Rebates Sign Up Link <<<
>>> Great Canadian Rebates Sign Up Link <<<

Monday, November 8, 2010

Get Cash Back for Shopping Online No Strings Attached

What is a CashBack Website?
A Cash Back website is a site that gets paid by companies to direct
consumers to their website. By doing this, the Cash Back website
get's a kick back if customers buy from the said companies website. Then the Cash Back website gives you a portion of the kick back.

Why should I sign up?
1. You get Cash Back! ie. Cold Hard Cash
2. It's FREE
3. You're saving money

There are so many Cashback websites, which ones should I use?
I have been using Cashback websites for two years now. I have used almost every major cashback website out there. There are only TWO I still use today.

1) Mr. Rebates ($5 Sign up Bonus)
This site is my favourite. It consistently has the highest Cashback compared to all the other Cashback websites. I use this all the time. I have yet to find a Cashback website that has higher cash back rebates.
This site is American. You get Cashback in $USD. Paypal is the only way Canadians can get paid.

2) Great Canadian Rebates (GCR) ($2 Sign up Bonus)
For us Canadians there are some sites that are not listed on Mr. Rebates. So for those sites; ie., various credit card companies, etc. I use Great Canadian Rebates.
This site is Canadian. You get Cashback in $CAD. Paypal and Cheque is available.
(for ebay, use Mr. Rebates, just buy on, it doesn't matter because you can still ship to your Canadian address)

How it works:
1. Sign up with Cashback Website
2. Search for company website you're interested in on the Cashback Website
3. Once you find the company click their link
(This link directs you to the actual companies website)
4. Shop as Normal

You see a Linksys router on ebay. It is $100.

1. Go on Cashback website
2. Search for "ebay" You will also see the % Cash back you will get (3% as of NOV, 2010)
3. Click on the "ebay" link from the Cashback website. (Clicking this link will direct you to ebay)
4. Use ebay as you normally would, search for "Linksys router" and buy it as you normally would. Check out the item and you're done.

So you will get 3% cash back on the $100 purchase = $3.
This is on top of your credit card rewards =)

How do I get the Cashback?
After you buy the item the transaction will post to your Cashback account. The posting time varies. Sometimes it takes a few days, other times it takes a week or two to post to your account. You will get confirmation by email when your transaction is posted to your account.

So how do I get the money out of my Cashback account?
Depending on which site you use, you will have to request a cheque or paypal deposit. With Mr. Rebates you must wait 3 months before you can request the funds. With Great Canadian Rebates, you must have a minimum of $20 worth of rebates and then you can request the money.
Once the funds are requested they are deposited into your paypal account.

>>> Mr. Rebates Sign Up Link <<<
>>> Great Canadian Rebates Sign Up Link <<<


Do I have to search for the item on eBay or can I just buy the item from my saved list?
As long as you make your bid or buy it now through the cashback website, you will get the rebate.
ie. say you are at work and you see a watch that you want. So you add to watch list.
When you go home you decide you want to purchase this watch. So you go through Mr. Rebates and click "My eBay" and click the buy it now.

You will get the rebate in the above instance. As long as you make the Maximum Bid on the Mr. Rebates link or if you "buy it now" on the Mr. Rebates link you will get the rebates. So it doesn't matter if you have saved the item or searched the item. As long as you go through the Mr. Rebates link, you are ok!